Thursday, October 28, 2010

Installment ideas

I feel we'd need to use the board close to the stop-motion rooms to be the best bet. For then we could run a wire to a computer that is safely locked away and taking pictures every 10 minutes. I know that it's be best for our own purposes to at least set out some sort of guildeline for the public to go by and either adhere or push away from it. My plan would be to start of the day with a different shape every day, whether it be a line, a circle or just a curve. We would just provide instruction to only use lines and shapes as well and not characters to push a theme for the piece that delves more into the subconscious and the feelings of a line or shape. of course they may break away from this but that would just be part of the experimental process.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gettin done

I'm still pushin towards my goal of being done by tuesday. I know it's crazy but also setting a high goal will keep me motivated to push farther. I have the sand painting started and through a slight detour of redoing the opening of the sand from the earth have come to a fully realized image of what is to be done. The work will be much faster to be done from here on out. Perhaps drawing concentric circles in the sand repeatedly for more 20 frames put me into a meditative state for creativity as the buddhist monks who rake flowing lines in the sand of their gardens. So!

Sand painting definitely done this weekend.
and so will the
Transition from painting to reversed apple footage using twigs i gathered yesterday and broke apart into correct shapes.

I'm goin for it

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New schedule

I still plan on being done by next tuesday fully. I have the entire weekend free to work and the only possibility of being held up would be if the grass does not grow by then. (which theoretically shouldn't happen for it is rated to fill spots in a lawn within a week and i planted the burlap sacks with seeds in them Monday night.) I just need to get a uv bulb and a soft light filter for the time i'm not there to stimulate more growth.

By next Thursday i still plan on having the sand painting portion done. I was held up by setting up another set and trouble with camera setups but it's all figured so now it's all go. I'm also going to redo the initial sand entrance with dirtier sand and possible spiral tracings in the sand if it looks natural enough.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stop(Motion>) HammerTime

For my tentative schedule i expect to be done with the apple scenes by tuesday as well as have progress into the sandpainting. I plan on growing the grass starting monday and letting it grow through to next tuesday while working on the end of the piece in unison. Completion of the entire project should be fully realized by the following Tuesday.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New ideer for STOP|motion>>>

After brain mapping off of the word "fruit" i came up with a few key words that i want to guide my piece on forbidden fruit as the gift of creation. These words being well... Creation, then seed, life, breath, love, heal, power, spirit, invention...

So on to my writing for the new plan.

Shot of an apple hanging on a limp. It wiggles back and forth till it fall into the dirt, splitting into 4 equal halves. Each half decomposes and then is consumed by the soil it lays on. (I had the idea to gradually move a light around the table so that the effect of a day passing is given to the time lapse camera taking a shot every 5 minutes. I'll have to hang around a bit if so /:)The soil begins to push and pull as if it was given the breath of life. After a few breathes, the dirt pushes forth an orb of burlap material from each of the spots where a piece of apple fell. These shots will be taken from 3/4 angle to show the shadows against the soil underneath. The orbs begin to roll around and interact with each other as the roll the wear on tear on the bodies begin to open up small gaps in the material to leak out various colors of dirt onto the set. they contintue dancing with close-up shots of dirt seeping out and orbs interacting. The sky camera begins showing a pattern emerging in the dirt fallen from these balls of earth. More shots of the burlap tearing more and more until the material makes on final pass around the rim of the set. Leaving navajo sand painting done in the healing rituals of in southern mexico.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stop MOtion Drawring

Well since i intend to use natural elements and go with my third idea, I will be mostly drawing with dirt and various natural elements. and at one time charcoal. SO! into the chronology of events.

White canvas opens the screen as two forms of dirt swirl together into a sphere. Constantly swirling the sphere gives way to a ring that revolves around it. As the center of the sphere gets smaller more rings pull around it forming an atom. As it twists and turn the rings spin of to hit the bottom of the canvas leaving the single orb above just levitating gently until it shoots into the ground. In small burts, tiny twigs poke through the dirt at the bottom as a tree growing from soil. Once the tree is fully formed, small bits of fruit grow from it. These will be drawn in Charcoal. One fruit drops from the tree and is decomposed on the base of the frame. A small man digs his way up from the ground where the fruit lay (and this as well is drawn with charcoal). As the man emerges another fruit drop from the tree to following the same pattern as the former only a woman emerges as the man stands and watches. Immediately they rush to each other meeting underneath the last fruit hanging from the tree. They each pick the fruit at the same time as the tree shrivels up and dies. The fruit grows over everything leaving a now black canvas. pause for a few seconds on the abyss as bits of white emerge on the black. white lines first draw a cube that slowly rotates and turns. Lines of the square stretch out and multiply till horizontal white lines fill the screen giving a sense of depth. Small white lines spring up from the horizontal, forming cities. Suddenly a large rift splits in the center of the canvas and the charcoal is erased away starting from the outside to seem as the charcoal is falling into the rift. Finally as only a white canvas is left dirt springs from the opening as it seals itself back up. (done by filming a second canvas being ripped and reversing the footage) The cycle is restarted once more.